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Can a FG have 32F bra size and 41 inch hips? (topic)
I'm still forever debating my type; I've experiemented for about two years now and found that more looser waterfall type jackets and tops look a bit frumpy on me while more structured pieces when I wear I get more compliments. ive also...
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06/25/17 16:46:28
Can someone help me what might my kibbe and seasonal color might be? (topic)
Does anybody have an idea what kind of Kibbe body type I may be along with seasonal color?And for maybe for fun an archetype for my bodytype lol?I'm asian and I have a hard time finding out my body type and seasonal color for me.I think...
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05/06/17 03:18:25
what Kibbe type do you think I fit into? (topic)
Hi! I was wondering what I my Kibbe type, I've seen girls (and boys) with some of my face features, I just don't know, when I search for Kibbe types that look like me I often end up relating to soft Gamin or natural or dramatic...BUT I...
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03/03/17 22:42:25
Please help!!! Kibbe types are confusing. Can you tell from my pictures??? Any help much appreciated (topic)
Ok so I'm 5:4 or 5 (ish). Small squarish hands and feet. Thin hair. Look small even though I'm not that small and have a small head. Not sure if am gamine, romantic, or a bit if classic or natural? Aargh! Please look at my pics and help!...
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02/25/17 06:38:13
Which Kibbe Type Am I? Please vote :) (topic)
[size=200]Which type am I?? (Scroll to bottom to answer) I already posted these pics in another thread but I think it makes more sense to do a poll in case people dont want to comment but do have an opinion >.<[/size]Thank you for...
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01/16/17 17:05:51
Help with my Kibbegory (dominant D/E) (topic)
Sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue. I'm new with Kibbe (and everything about style or fashion). I have mostly D and E in Kibbe Quiz, so I'm very confused. My height is 5'1 ... In my album are some photo (but I think there...
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01/15/17 05:54:30
What is your impression of me?? Please take a glance!! (topic)
Hi everytonemy name is Melissa and I am trying to find my Kibbe type. I'm thinking I'm some type of natural? I also have a huge list of face and body features as well as some fashion "dos and donts" that may be helpful. Thanks in advance...
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01/12/17 19:52:30
What kind of kibbe typ am i? (topic)
Hello  I am sorry for my english grammar,  I am 5,4 or 164 cm tall woman who has a body  which best can be bescribed as a per shape with big boobs. I am pear- shaped in the kind of way that my  thighs are the biggest on my body, my hip...
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09/18/16 15:00:39
I wonder which kibbe type I am? Now with photos! (topic)
My built is curvy and strong with large Bosson and rear with smaler waist. I've got long legs and shorter torso and arms. My hands and feat are moderat in size. I am 5:4.  Thank you 
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09/16/16 19:19:39
What kibbe type am i? (topic)
Hey guys  I am wonder wich kibbe type i am.  Some facts lenght: 5:4 built:small shoulders, big breast, smal waist, thick thighs doesn't matter how much I weigh.  Medium sized hands and feet.  Long legs, short torso.  some pictures 
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09/16/16 15:27:10
Finding My Kibbe (Updated Description/Pictures) (topic)
I recently discovered my season (soft summer) and I'm very new to learning about Kibbe Styles. I would really appreciate some help finding mine. I tried doing the quiz but found myself stumped on some questions. I'll go ahead and name...
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08/31/16 04:59:55
What's my Kibbe Type? (topic)
Hello Everyone! I'm trying to figure out my Kibbe type and I'm looking for some expert opinions. I don't feel I'm balanced enough to be a classic and I think I'm too tall to be a gamine (I'm 5'6"). I think I'm either a soft natural or a...
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06/22/16 18:56:41
Am I Dramatic Classic? (topic)
What do you think? Can you call me dramatic classic? I'm 5'7
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11/25/15 14:41:36
Gamine, Soft Gamine, TR or others? I need your help! (topic)
Hello everybody! It's my first post here. Nice to meet you I really need your help. I would like to know which Kibbe's type I am. I already have no idea. At first I thought that I'm Romantic. I'm short, corpulent and fleshy. My hips...
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08/01/15 19:28:38
Is a mix between DC and SN possible or even common? (topic)
Hello everyone, my Kibbe journey just started and, like so many of us, I am already encountering some difficulties. To start with: I did the illustrated test and it determined DC:Body: a = 3, b = 1, c = 4, d = 1;            Face: a = 0,...
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07/07/15 20:03:02
I am sooooo lost finding my Kibbe type (topic)
Hello everyone! I am new around here, call me Aryak I'm a young adult from Spain and some days ago I've found this forum and all the tests about your Kibbe body, but I think I am not checking correctly my features, because I got Soft...
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05/03/15 12:06:48
No more Frumpiness! Something Soft, but what? (inc. collages) (topic)
Hi All,   I’ve been wearing Soft Classic for a while now, mostly because of the type of job I have, but it definitely does not sparkle on me. Instead, it looks somewhat frumpy and dowdy. My standard solution for that is lots of shawls...
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03/27/15 16:34:23
Confused!! (topic)
Hello all, I've been studying kibbe for a little bit but I'm still so confused on my typing. Mostly cause I am bad at seeing myself as how I am and gageing what clothes look good on me or not. I think I have a kinda yin yang mashed up...
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02/16/15 21:37:45
Help me Kibbe and color! (pic heavy -- EDIT MORE PHOTOS ADDED) (topic)
Here are my photos, measurements, and Kibbe/color guess. You ladies are exppperts, though, and I trust your eye. What do you think? Can you type me without looking at my assessment at the bottom? Measurements: 5 feet 3...
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euo niaa

01/17/15 14:52:30
Help? Can I be a 6' tall non-FN? (topic)
 I've been trying to figure out my Kibbe type for a while, but it seems like everyone over 5'7" gets dumped into Flamboyant Natural-- and aside from my hips (and maybe my nose?), no one's ever described me as broad or blunt. For...
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09/05/14 05:18:11
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