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Please help!!! Kibbe types are confusing. Can you tell from my pictures??? Any help much appreciated (topic)
Ok so I'm 5:4 or 5 (ish). Small squarish hands and feet. Thin hair. Look small even though I'm not that small and have a small head. Not sure if am gamine, romantic, or a bit if classic or natural? Aargh! Please look at my pics and help!...
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02/25/17 06:38:13
Which Kibbe Type Am I? Please vote :) (topic)
[size=200]Which type am I?? (Scroll to bottom to answer) I already posted these pics in another thread but I think it makes more sense to do a poll in case people dont want to comment but do have an opinion >.<[/size]Thank you for...
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01/16/17 17:05:51
We be Gamine? (topic)
Hi all, I am new to Kibbe and new to this forum! I've been self-typing for a couple days and I've come to a few conclusions... the most important being that I don't know how to analyze myself   Through self-observation and no actual...
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03/11/16 05:46:20
Gamine, Soft Gamine, TR or others? I need your help! (topic)
Hello everybody! It's my first post here. Nice to meet you I really need your help. I would like to know which Kibbe's type I am. I already have no idea. At first I thought that I'm Romantic. I'm short, corpulent and fleshy. My hips...
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08/01/15 19:28:38
Getting Dressed For Cold Weather (topic)
Hi there Kibbe SG's! I have been going over the Kibbe guidelines for us, and in cold weather I'm in a bit of strife. Kibbe's recommendations for our type is for thin, lightweight, crisp fabric that holds its shape or is tailored, not to...
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07/11/15 15:29:57
Gamine question (topic)
Hi ladies! I was a member here a couple years ago (lost my login info) and you all helped me to identify as Gamine last time. I recently read a post on another site saying that Kibbe no longer uses the basic types such as Gamine, its...
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01/09/15 14:41:09
Our Interpretation of Kibbe GAMINE (topic)
I don't actually have anything to put here yet; I just wanted to get the thread started. Gamine is a little tricky to find, I think, because when you find clothing with lots of detail, manufacturers tend to make it (the detail) too big -...
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02/07/12 13:48:15
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