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Please help!!! Kibbe types are confusing. Can you tell from my pictures??? Any help much appreciated (topic)
Ok so I'm 5:4 or 5 (ish). Small squarish hands and feet. Thin hair. Look small even though I'm not that small and have a small head. Not sure if am gamine, romantic, or a bit if classic or natural? Aargh! Please look at my pics and help!...
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02/25/17 06:38:13
Which Kibbe Type Am I? Please vote :) (topic)
[size=200]Which type am I?? (Scroll to bottom to answer) I already posted these pics in another thread but I think it makes more sense to do a poll in case people dont want to comment but do have an opinion >.<[/size]Thank you for...
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01/16/17 17:05:51
What is your impression of me?? Please take a glance!! (topic)
Hi everytonemy name is Melissa and I am trying to find my Kibbe type. I'm thinking I'm some type of natural? I also have a huge list of face and body features as well as some fashion "dos and donts" that may be helpful. Thanks in advance...
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01/12/17 19:52:30
I think I'm a kibbe-nomoly! In need of your expertise .. Pictures + quiz results included. (topic)
Hi everyone ! (:I've been an on-and-off lurker of this forum for a while now and have been going nuts trying to figure out my kibbe type (and seasonal color, but that's a whole different matter lol). I feel like I don't really fit in any...
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04/27/15 23:36:35
Bright Spring, and Dramatic, Natural, or something else? (topic)
Hi everyone, I’m a bit unsure of my Kibbe type. I’m tallish (5ft 7”, people often think I’m a few inches taller), and have quite an athletic hourglass figure. I think I’m probably a Dramatic or Natural, but I took the Kibbe test, and got...
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03/11/15 22:53:04
Help me Kibbe and color! (pic heavy -- EDIT MORE PHOTOS ADDED) (topic)
Here are my photos, measurements, and Kibbe/color guess. You ladies are exppperts, though, and I trust your eye. What do you think? Can you type me without looking at my assessment at the bottom? Measurements: 5 feet 3...
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euo niaa

01/17/15 14:52:30
Thoughts on my kibbegory?? (topic)
Hello lovely people! I've been struggling with the Kibbe system for so long now, so finally i decided to reach for your help here 'cause i just dont seem to see myself in the right light haha I'm really sorry in advance for the bad...
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04/22/14 13:44:24
Kibbe confused (topic)
Hi everyone, I've been sucked into Kibbe-world and could do with some help defining my type. I'm 5'4 and look young for my age. The  illustrated test (with some objective help)  came out as mostly C's with some E's thrown in for good...
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03/31/14 15:26:19
Tall, but not very dramatic (topic)
I've been sneaking around here for months trying to gain some insight, but haven't gotten very far. I've taken the test, I've tried things on, and I'm still very confused. My answers usually hover at a-2 b-2 c-8 d-3 e-1. But I'm probably...
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Unregistered User

02/07/14 18:59:05
Yet another lost soul (Please help me find my Kibbegory) (topic)
Hello all.  Since I've come to understand I don't have an objective view of myself, I'm here asking for help.  I took the quiz using both the original scoring and WildPapillion's Beta-test scoring and came out in the no-man's land of Ds....
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04/04/13 01:43:18
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